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Are you feeling stuck in Grief?

The Grief Recovery Method is an educational, action-based, powerful, and directed approach
to healing from
life's deepest heartbreaks.

Meet Lisa

Grief Recovery Method Specialist

Lisa’s journey towards the GRI started on Valentines Day, February 14, 2017 when her mom died suddenly on her winter holiday in Mexico. Her mom’s death had a profound impact on her life and changed her fate as it were.

Twists and turns in the road took her further away from her 17-year career in real estate and closer to a career where she could find a more meaningful connection with people and be of a deeper service.

Her desire to help, support and empower people, to find their peace, to seek their solace, away from sorrow, sadness, and resentment, towards recovery, so they can embrace their life and live lighter, is genuine.

"I am honored to guide you through the grief recovery method program."


Your Journey Includes:






Services Offered:

People are saying . . .

I have learned to look at and process my grief properly. I have felt the closure necessary to be able to move forward in my life and have learned the process in which I need to overcome other obstacles in my life.

Support Groups 08/28/2022

This program has increased the depth of my compassion for people and helped me feel more connected in both a small scale and large-scale way. I also feel more open and able to live through the ups and downs that are inevitable in life.

- Support Groups 07/25/2022

I have been able to understand my mom on a deeper, humanistic level. This understanding has allowed an honest, heartfelt forgiveness for mom’s decision to end her own life.

1-on-1 Support 06/07/2021

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