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Grief Recovery Retreat on Lasqueti Island


About the Retreat

The package includes the one-on-one GRM 7-week program, to start in person at my waterfront BNB on Lasqueti Island. Here we meet for 2 nights and do the first session in person and then complete the next 6 sessions, weekly, online via zoom. While on island you will have your own private accommodation. The 2-night stay will include 2 dinners and pick up and drop off from the ferry.

This is the perfect place to embark on your healing journey. This unspoiled paradise will wrap its arms around you and help guide you towards peace. You will leave empowered with new tools from the Grief Recovery Method Program and ready to embrace a future with a lighter heart.

About Lasqueti

Lasqueti is an island off the east coast of Vancouver Island in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, Canada (view map) and has a population of 499 people. It is accessible by a passenger-only ferry or by private boat or plane. The roads are unpaved and the island has no public transportation. Lasqueti is not serviced by B.C. Hydro. Residents live off the grid and either go without electricity or use alternative sources of power like solar or micro-hydro. There is very little industry and no bustling economy.

While on your 2 day stay of your GRM Retreat you will embrace this quiet, back to nature lifestyle and take your first steps in the Grief Recovery Method. Start your morning on the covered deck overlooking the ocean, enjoy a back to nature outdoor shower and dine overlooking the natural scenery. The peace and quiet that is Lasqueti is the perfect place to begin your journey.

Note: Retreats are seasonal only and there is no wheelchair access. You will need to climb a ladder to get to the sleeping loft and should be able to handle rough terrain and be comfortalbe using an outhouse.

Your Investment: $800:


So the program wouldn’t let me just select the outstanding star. I feel like I have been able to move forward and not allow divorce continue to control me. Reflection allowed me to process and discover in what ways I was responsible for the issues in my marriage as well as in what areas I had to let go and forgive to move on. I still have some bad days but not nearly as many as before and I’m able to come back to my work in this program to help center me.

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